Cover design

Let’s face it, we judge a book by its cover!

If you already have a print-ready cover, please upload a final PDF prepared according to our instructions. We will check the PDF for technical errors and provide you with a correct spine width. Easy.

Basic design

Basic cover design is included in our standard layout package (449 € + 9% BTW). If you don’t opt for the layout service, the cost of a basic cover design is 90 € + 9% BTW.

For the basic design service we will need the contents of the cover and high resolution picture(s) (at least 350 dpi) that don’t require any adjustments on our side. In case the image requires some small adjustments (ex. changing/erasing a background or an element from the picture), we can do it for our standard hourly fee.

You can’t find any satisfying image in your personal archives? Please visit This website offers high-quality images and non-exclusive right for use in publications such as PhD thesis. A single image costs around 15 €. We can purchase the artwork of your choice and add the costs to your invoice.

If you wish the front cover to contain only text, we will find a suitable font, color and layout for your title to stand out on any bookshelf!

Professional design

If you are interested in more ambitious design for your cover, a professional graphic designer will draw a unique picture, inspired by elements from your research, create a tapestry of formulas that define the body of work, combine two or more pictures of your choice or replace a background and add new elements to the image you provide. The possibilities are infinite! The cost of this service is 249 € + 9% BTW.

ATTENTION: Please note that this service does not include production of 3D/CAD renderings or drawings.


One more thing. We do not charge for the layout and printing of invitations and bookmarks if they are based on the cover design and are printed at the same time as your books.

Cover design prices

Basic* Professional
90 € + 9% BTW 249 € + 9% BTW

*If you do not choose for our book layout service. If you do, basic cover design is included!


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