How we work

Below you can find the step-by-step description of thesis production process.


1. Requesting a quotation

The production of your thesis begins by requesting a quotation here. Please ask for the quotation as soon as possible, this only costs a few minutes! After receiving your request, we’ll prepare an offer reflecting the specifications of your thesis (number of pages, paper weight, color pages, printing method, etc.) and send it to the email address you provided within 1-2 working days.


2. Decision

If you’re interested in our offer, please let us know by email. If you’re not convinced yet, please tell us why, we can always negotiate! After receiving the confirmation that you would like Off Page to produce your book, we will activate your personal page.


3. Personal page

Each of our confirmed clients receives access to her/his personal page. This page enables easy upload of files to our servers and is used for reviewing files, viewing book details and placing the order. It also contains all quotations, book details, deadlines and more.


4a. Layout by Off Page

If you want Off Page to design your thesis and cover/invitations, we’ll ask you to provide the necessary files via your personal page.

We know that your thesis is probably not entirely ready for printing yet. That’s why first we’ll only ask you for materials (text, figures, tables, etc.) of one completed chapter. We’ll then create a layout of this one chapter (based on your wishes, if you have them already) and send you, via your personal page, a fully formatted PDF file. Into this file you will be able to add comments/remarks on any feature you don’t like or would like to change. When we receive your comments, we’ll implement changes and again send you the PDF for the next round of comments (and we will repeat this step untill you decide that what we created is exactly what you like).

When you’re completely satisfied with the layout of the first chapter, we will apply the same design style to the rest of the book, as soon as you have it available. At this stage it is very important that all files that you send us are double-checked and proof-read. (corrections at later stages are much more time-consuming). Such system gives you full control over the design of your book from early on.

When the layout of the entire book is completed, we’ll again send you a PDF for corrections. At this stage you can still request (small) changes in the layout and introduce text corrections. You’ll also receive a PDF containing the design of cover and invitations, here you can also suggest or change things. After implementing changes and corrections (in a few rounds, if necessary), we’ll send you the final PDFs (with text and cover/invitations) for final approval. The entire procedure usually takes around 3 weeks but please always esk us for detailed planning as duration may vary.

4b. Layout elsewhere

Here’s what happens when you decide to do the layout yourself. During this (difficult) process, you can send us intermediate PDFs of the book you’ve created so far. We’ll have a look at it and check if everything is ok. For instance, we’ll check margins, page size, bleed etc. You’ll receive from us comments and suggestions that might be helpful. We can also send you templates for the book and cover/invitations/bookmarks. When your book is finished, we’ll again check it for errors or problems. We’ll make sure that lines are thick enough and that colors are converted to grayscale or CMYK colorspace, where necessary. After this, we’ll send you the PDF for final approval.


5. Signing the order

When all files are ready for printing, we’ll send you the final quotation reflecting the parameters of the book. When you accept the price, we’ll ask you to sign order for book printing (via your personal page).


6. Printing

If you choose offset printing, we’ll send you electronic proofs of the book. These are images of the offset plates that will be used for printing. This is the last moment for (very limited) changes. After that, offset plates are prepared and books are printed and assembled. In digital printing it is possible, at extra cost of 30 EUR, to order paper proof of the book (essentially such proof is identical to the final product).


7. Shipping

When ready for transport, books are neatly arranged into packets. Packets are stapled on a wooden palette or inside of larger boxes and wrapped in thick cardboard and plastic foil for extra protection. Packages are then shipped using a reliable courier service. We will notify you 1-2 days before the delivery date.


8. Payment

After you confirm having received the books in good order, we’ll send you the final invoice. After this, you have 14 working days to transfer the money to our bank account. This is it!

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