Layout and typesetting is perhaps the most challenging phase of thesis production. There are many elements that need to work together. Cover design, font selection, line spacing or running title placement are the visible features. The invisible, but as important, are making sure that lines are not too thin, that images are of sufficient resolution and quality, that all fonts are embedded in the final PDF. It is a great feeling when you can do it all yourself, but not everyone has enough of time or sufficient skills.

How we work

We know that your thesis is probably not entirely ready for printing yet. That’s why first we’ll only ask you for materials (text, figures, tables, etc.) of one completed chapter. We’ll then create a layout of this one chapter (based on your wishes, if you have them already) and send you, via your personal page, a fully formatted PDF file. Into this file you will be able to add comments/remarks on any feature you don’t like or would like to change. When we receive your comments, we’ll implement changes and again send you the PDF for the next round of comments (and we will repeat this step untill you decide that what we created is exactly what you like).


When you’re completely satisfied with the layout of the first chapter, we will apply the same design style to the rest of the book, as soon as you have it available. At this stage it is very important that all files that you send us are double-checked and proof-read. (corrections at later stages are much more time-consuming). Such system gives you full control over the design of your book from early on.


When the layout of the entire book is completed, we’ll again send you a PDF for corrections. At this stage you can still request (small) changes in the layout and introduce text corrections. You’ll also receive a PDF containing the design of cover and invitations, here you can also suggest or change things. After implementing changes and corrections (in a few rounds, if necessary), we’ll send you the final PDFs (with text and cover/invitations) for final approval. The entire procedure usually takes around 3 weeks but please always esk us for detailed planning as duration may vary.

Full control in your hands

During the layout process we ask for your suggestions and comments at all stages of the process, this way you have full control over the final design. We use our skills and experience to put your ideas to work!

Unique design

We know your thesis is something very special, result of years’ hard work. It deserves to look very special too. This is why we strive to make sure that each and every book has unique design.

Prices and more information

Please consult this document for more information and pricing of our layout services.


Layout samples

These are just a few samples, many more will be available available if you decide to use our services. You can also check out our online thesis repository. Please remember that these samples are only a starting point!

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