10th birthday discounts!

Time flies, we are 10 years old! Come and celebrate with us! We offer 50 EUR discount on layout service and professional cover design, print color books at reduced rates and have an even better deal for offset printing! Please fill in the online form to receive a quotation, you won’t be disappointed! For more details and additional questions, please contact us at info@offpage.nl.

Quotation request

Reduced layout prices!

Full layout package* Extra corrections / adjustments**
399 349 € + 9% BTW 20 € + 9% BTW per hour

*10th birthday discount (50 €)!

**This is our fee for services that are not included in layout package (e.g. extra textual corrections). Please consult this document for more information.

Reduced cover design prices!

Basic* Professional**
90 € + 9% BTW 249 199 € + 9% BTW

*This price is only valid if you do not choose for our full book layout package. If you do, basic cover design is included!

**10th birthday discount (50 €)!

Group discounts

We offer attractive group discounts! Please contact us at info@offpage.nl for more details.

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